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NEWB looking for advice

Are you killing it on your surfboard? Have a question about riding styles or a trick? What surfboards work, what doesn't. This is the place to talk about your surfboard gear.

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NEWB looking for advice

Postby skutter » Tue Sep 08, 2015 3:24 pm


Im driving people i know nuts asking questions about boards....

I have been kiting for a a year and want to get int riding a surf board - reasons are for light wind and more fun on the waves - I'm can play in the waves with my twin tip and love it, i try and tide in a fluid style, love my big carving turns etc and think a surfboard would be right up my street - THe waves arent so great - knee high weak windswell is the norm at my local spots but have been told there are some good places for those in the know and have to show im up for it before i will be taken there...

So i'm looking at getting my first directional kiteboard - there isnt really a great market for second hand surfboards in my area - and due to the waves they are usually long boards which i think will be abit too slow for kiting with.

Kitespecific boards cost a bomb! so i was thinking about a cheap 5'10 bic fish - one thing is that i would have to go straight in to riding strapless...with no option for sticking straps on...which i guess this forum will consider a good thing.

Another board that has caught my eye and though its cheap for a kite specific board its a bit pricey but nothing compared to the brand name kite boards (slingshot, airush etc.) and its this from circle one ... ail-5-fin/

now i like the look of this board - but i think maybe at nearly 90kg my rider weight might be a bit much for it - but i can have the option of having straps if for example i go out and its a bigger day than i expected and i keep loosing my board - i also like that it has a 5 fin setup - meanign i can have a lot experimentation to find out what works a for me and what doesn't --- but i kind of like the price of the 5'10 Bic fish and that its a tough board i dont have to get too upset about if it s gets a bit beaten up....

I have also been offered a North Nugget 5'2 Tough top for a good price - but again i think i may be a bit heavy for it seeing as i will be learning.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.
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